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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Birthday Party Ideas

Hi everyone!  Spring is here and we're all ready for some fun after one of the worst winters ever!

Have a little one with a birthday this spring?  Why not have an Egg Hunt Party?  Don't just save the fun of a hunt for Easter...use this little trick for a child's birthday too!

Even the youngest toddlers can get together to hunt prizes.  Plastic eggs come in so many shapes and colors these days, so it's easy to plan a hunt around a themed party.  

Use plastic eggs with letters for older ones - and give the challenge of spelling a word like PARTY or FUN with the eggs that they find.  A special prize goes to the winner of course!

Get the kids involved and make a snake from the egg parts - which can also be a prize for a game!

Don't forget about the adults!  If you're having a spring BBQ or party, let the adults hunt too!  They'll feel like kids again and it's sure to get everyone laughing!

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